Triathlete/MultiSport #SweatTest Kit

///Triathlete/MultiSport #SweatTest Kit

Triathlete/MultiSport #SweatTest Kit


(2) Individual Athlete Sweat Tests & Electrolyte Analysis
– two Separate Disciplines (Usually Bike & Run)

Additional Sweat Tests & LEVELEN Mix (Sent with testing kit) at huge discounts.



The LEVELEN MultiSport Kit includes everything you need to dial in your hydration for your multisport races. Our Scientifically-based Athlete Sweat Test determines your specific hydration needs, so you can finally stop the trial-and-error game. Just like elite professional athletes, you can now get the same personalized hydration support to finally reach your peak performance.

For triathletes, we recommend getting a baseline during your off-season or beginning of your season, and then another test a few weeks before your big race. Even though your Sweat Profile remains fairly consistent, acclimation to hot/humid climates does affect how your sweat glands perform in the short term. Our patented* system is the only way to accurately determine how your body individually responds to climatization effects.

The MultiSport Kit includes:

  • 2 (two) Individual Athlete Sweat Test Kits
    • One test for the Bike, and One for the Run
    • You self-administer the sweat tests under your normal training conditions
      • Performed indoor, if necessary
    • Send back your test kits for analysis (pre-paid mailer for US orders only)

After your Sweat Test results are analyzed:

  • Sweat Profile & Dashboard Report (through e-mail)
    • Detailed report on your fluid & electrolyte losses
    • Detailed hydration program specific to your Sweat Profile
    • Spreadsheet to help strategize hourly fueling plan
  •  Continued Product Support via email, phone or video chat
  •  End of your hydration trial-and-error game

We recommend that multi-sport athletes test annually (least once a year), and more frequently (quarterly/bi-annually) for those that train/race in very different climates and conditions.


Additional tests can be purchased at a discount. You can also try our LEVELEN Mix while you wait for your test to be completed and analyzed. If we don’t have a Sweat Profile for you on file, we will send a Level 3.

*U.S. Patent No. US 9,421,226 B2 – Exercise Physiology Electrolyte Management


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