LEVELEN™ Triathlete/MultiSport Starter Kit

///LEVELEN™ Triathlete/MultiSport Starter Kit

LEVELEN™ Triathlete/MultiSport Starter Kit

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(2) Individual Athlete Sweat Tests & Electrolyte Analysis
– Bike & Run Tests

(1) Container – LEVELEN Electrolyte Mix (Sent after Sweat Analysis)

Additional Sweat Tests & LEVELEN Mix (Sent with testing kit) at huge discounts.


Product Description

The LEVELEN Triathlete Starter Kit includes everything you need to dial in your hydration for your multisport races. Our Scientifically-based Athlete Sweat Test determines your specific hydration needs, so you can finally stop the trial-and-error game. Just like elite professional athletes, you can now get the same personalized hydration support to finally reach your peak performance.

For triathletes, we recommend getting a baseline during your off-season or beginning of your season, and then another test a few weeks before your big race. Even though your Sweat Profile remains fairly consistent, acclimation to hot/humid climates does affect how your sweat glands perform in the short term. Our patented* system is the only way to accurately determine how your body individually responds to climatization effects.

You will initially receive:

  • 2 (two) Individual Athlete Sweat Test Kits
    • One test for the Bike, and One for the Run
    • You self-administer the sweat tests under your normal training conditions
      • Performed indoor, if necessary
    • Send back your test kits for analysis (pre-paid mailer for US orders only)

After your Sweat Test results are analyzed:

  • Sweat Profile & Dashboard Report (through e-mail)
    • Detailed report on your fluid & electrolyte losses
    • Detailed hydration program specific to your Sweat Profile
    • Spreadsheet to help strategize hourly fueling plan
  • Request for your LEVELEN flavor preference
    • 1 (one) container of  LEVELEN Electrolyte Mix
      • LEVEL determined by the electrolyte losses in your Sweat Profile
  •  Continued Product Support via email, phone or video chat
  •  End of your hydration trial-and-error game

We recommend that multi-sport athletes test annually (least once a year), and more frequently (quarterly/bi-annually) for those that train/race in very different climates and conditions.


Additional tests can be purchased at a discount. You can also try our LEVELEN Mix while you wait for your test to be completed and analyzed. If we don’t have a Sweat Profile for you on file, we will send a Level 3.

*U.S. Patent No. US 9,421,226 B2 – Exercise Physiology Electrolyte Management


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