LEVELEN™ Strawberry-Citrus Electrolyte Mix

///LEVELEN™ Strawberry-Citrus Electrolyte Mix

LEVELEN™ Strawberry-Citrus Electrolyte Mix


Tastes Like: Lightly Sweet Strawberry, with a hint of Grapefruit.

Includes approximately twenty (20) 14-oz servings per container.

For best results, use according to your Sweat Profile and Sweat Test Results.

NOTE: We are phasing out plastic containers in favor of resealable pouches. Please reuse your containers if you prefer them, as we will not be restocking them. Thank you.


The LEVELEN™ Strawberry-Citrus Electrolyte Mix is our original and best selling flavor. This refreshing flavor offers a lightly sweet strawberry taste, balanced with a mild hint of grapefruit. Our Strawberry Citrus has enough flavor to enjoy, but is mild enough to use on even the hottest of days and during your toughest workouts.

Each pouch has approximately twenty (20)  14-oz. servings.

Read more about our LEVELEN™ Electrolyte Mix, and learn why it’s unlike any other product on the market. LEVELEN is a key part of our Electrolyte Replenishment System:
U.S. Patent No. US 9,421,226 B2 – Exercise Physiology Electrolyte Management

INVENTORY: We will resume shipping LEVELEN the week of August 14th.

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