What Is In the LEVELEN Formulation?

/What Is In the LEVELEN Formulation?

LEVELEN™ Electrolyte Drink Mix is custom formulated with the right amount of electrolytes based on your specific needs, as determined by your Individual Sweat Test. The formulation includes healthy, all natural ingredients found through over 15 years of research to be valuable in enhancing performance, preventing muscle cramps, aiding recovery, and avoiding heat-related issues.

The most rapidly depleted electrolyte is sodium (Na+), and sodium loss is the primary electrolyte that we assess in our sweat testing. Chloride (Cl-) is lost at a highly predictable rate based on sodium loss. Magnesium (Mg+) is also essential for cell membrane transfer to ensure electrolytes and fluids are retained by your body. All of these electrolytes are key to our formulation. The formula avoids ingredients previously thought to be beneficial, but in reality are detrimental and even harmful when taken in large amounts, such as potassium.

We include Dextrose instead of sucrose, fructose or high fructose corn syrup to facilitate electrolyte absorption and minimize gastro-intestinal distress associated with digestion of complex sugars.

LEVELEN™ ingredients are “clean” and suitable for athletes to take. None of our ingredients appear on the anti-doping list.

Gluten-free. Vegan-Friendly.

Individuals with Hypertension, Renal Disease or those taking Diuretics should consult with a physcian before taking LEVELEN™.

Additional Ingredient and Nutrition information can be found on the LEVELEN™ Electrolyte Mix page.