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Two years ago after playing two ice hockey games and one indoor lacrosse game all in the same day, I was hospitalized due to severe dehydration.  My legs cramped up so bad that I was unable to walk, so they rushed me to the emergency room by ambulance.  Once released from the hospital, I was introduced to the Philadelphia Flyers Strength and Conditioning Coach, Jim McCrossin.  He was made aware of my condition by my coaches with the Team Comcast ice hockey organization.  Jim talked with me about hydration and the ability to manage it to maximize my performance while balancing my levels.  He showed me how many of his players that incorporate LEVELEN into their training regimen maintain their electrolyte balance.  With the help of Dr. Sandy’s office, we tested my sweat loss and determined that I would need LEVELEN Level 4 to maintain my personal balance.  I have learned what my body is telling me before, during and after my training workouts.  Ice hockey is a very demanding sport and with the help of my regimen ofLEVELEN, I have not had the cramping or dehydration issues that I once experienced.  I don’t step on the ice any more without my LEVELEN.

Kyle prefers: LEVELEN Level 4 – Strawberry Citrus / Lemon Lime

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Kyle Peters

Team Comcast 16U, Captain