Sweat Testing Questions

/Sweat Testing Questions

How Do I Calculate My Sweat Rate?

To calculate your sweat loss per hour:

((Pre-Weight) – (Post-Weight) + (Fluids Consumed)) ÷ (Duration of Workout)


((73 kg) – (72 kg) + (0.5 liters)) ÷ (1 hour) = 1.5 liters per hour = Sweat Rate

Weights should be in kilograms, volume in liters, time in hours.

Since your sweat rate will vary based on conditions and acclimation, we recommend that endurance athletes, and other athletes that train &

How Long Do I Wear the Sweat Patch?

The Sweat Patch is used to collect a sample of your sweat, so we can analyze and determine the concentrations of various electrolytes in your sweat.

We highly recommend that you keep the patch on for at least 30 minutes, and up to a full hour. You should work out continuously the entire time.

Your test should be conducted in similar conditions as your usual workout (e.g., level of intensity, indoors vs. ourdoors). We recognize this may require you to wear the patch longer,