LEVELEN™ Athlete Sweat Test Kit

///LEVELEN™ Athlete Sweat Test Kit

LEVELEN™ Athlete Sweat Test Kit


Stop the guessing game and finally dial in your fueling and hydration …
The LEVELEN™ Athlete Sweat Test Includes:

  • Athlete Sweat Testing Kit
  • Detailed Sweat Electrolyte Analysis & Sweat Profile Report (via e-mail)
  • Exclusive Access to the #TeamLEVELEN Facebook Group
  • Continued Product Support via e-mail, phone or video chat

No more trial-and-error and guessing at your hydration!

To bundle your Sweat Test Kit with a pouch of our custom LEVELEN™ Electrolyte Mix, click HERE.



The LEVELEN™ Athlete Sweat Test Kit includes everything you need to dial in your hydration and optimize performance. Now you can get the same personalized hydration support as the pros.

Based on thousands of sweat tests and over 15 years of research, we know that all athletes don’t sweat the same, and differences can vary over 100 fold. On average, athletes sweat over 2,000 mg of sodium each hour while training. That might not sound like a lot, but your Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for sodium is only 2,300 mg each day (1,500 mg if you’re over 50 years old). That means that most athletes are losing over a day’s worth of sodium every hour!

As an athlete, keeping your fluid and electrolytes in balance is essential, and learning what you’re losing in sweat is the first step to maximizing your performance. Only our patented* Sweat Test System accurately predicts your fluid and electrolyte losses during a game, so you no longer have to guess at your hydration. After taking your Sweat Test, your Sweat Profile results will detail your specific fluid and electrolytes needs, so you can plan out your nutrition for game day.

We recommend sweat testing annually (during the season), and more (quarterly/bi-annually) for those that train and compete in very different climates and conditions.

Endurance & Multi-Sport Athletes

If you are an endurance or multi-sport athlete, purchase the LEVELEN™ Endurance Sweat Test Kit. The Endurance Sweat Test Kit includes two (2) sweat tests for the bike and the run, or for two (2) different conditions.

You will initially receive:
  • (1) One Athlete Sweat Testing Kit
    – Sweat tests are self-administered and should be done under your normal training conditions
  • A Pre-paid Mailer to send back your Sweat Samples (for US orders only)
  • Exclusive Access to the #TeamLEVELEN Facebook Group
    – A Community of Elite Athletes, Coaches, Nutritionists, and Trainers
    – Ask, Share, Support, and Discuss Nutrition and Hydration
    – Start improving your hydration right away with tips from fellow athletes
After your Sweat Test is analyzed, you will receive:
  • An Individualized Sweat Profile (via E-mail)
    – Detailed Sweat Electrolyte Analysis of your fluid and electrolyte losses
    – Specific Hydration recommendations to Optimize Performance
  • Continued Product Support via e-mail, phone or video chat

Please do not share Sweat Testing Kits, as additional tests are intended to be used by the same athlete.

Starter Kit Bundles

If you are interested in getting the most out of our patented* system, check out our Starter Kits. Each Starter kit includes the Sweat Testing Kit and your first pouch of LEVELEN™ Electrolyte Mix.

E-mail us at sales@levelen.com to inquire about team or bulk orders.

*U.S. Patent No. US 9,421,226 B2 – Exercise Physiology Electrolyte Management


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