Are All Electrolytes Created Equal?

/Are All Electrolytes Created Equal?
Not All Electrolytes are Created Equal

Electrolytes are salts that help your body perform essential functions. As you sweat, your body tries to naturally regulate the balance of electrolytes. In some cases, your body does this very well. For instance, when you train or compete, your muscle fibers break down. When your muscle fibers break down, potassium is released into the body. Your body does this very efficiently, even at modest levels of activity. So, potassium is not an electrolyte you need to worry about replenishing. Your body does that for you. Many sport drinks and endurance products contain potassium, which is one of many ingredients you don’t need, even for endurance athletes and muscle crampers. In fact, abnormally elevated blood potassium (hyperkalemia) can be very dangerous, even fatal. We recommend avoiding any supplementation of potassium.

Your body is less efficient at balancing other electrolytes like sodium (Na+), chloride (Cl-), and magnesium (Mg+). These electrolytes can quickly be depleted as you train or compete, leading to performance issues or muscle cramping. These electrolytes are key ingredients in LEVELEN™, in just the right amounts for you. This ensures you maintain your peak performance by managing the most essential electrolytes, while avoiding those which are less beneficial, or even harmful.

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