How Much Does Sweat Vary Between Athletes?

/How Much Does Sweat Vary Between Athletes?

The amount of sweat volume (rate of fluids lost) can vary greatly from one athlete to another, over a 37-fold difference. While sweat rate is slightly correlated to size (larger athletes typically sweat more) and gender (males sweat more than females), two athletes of similar size and gender can have very different sweat volumes. That is why sweat testing is critical for determining your exact fluid and electrolyte replenishment needs to maintain peak performance.

Sweat volume may vary considerably between sports, as well as between players in the same sport. When assessing sweat volume between runners and football players in identical conditions, our research revealed that football player sweat losses were over 9 liters per day compared to 3 liters per day for runners.

From the thousands of athletes tested, we have seen the following sweat rates:

AVERAGE: 1.68 liters per hour
MIN: 0.18 liters per hour
MAX: 6.70 liters per hour


The graph below highlights electrolyte loss data from our research with the Philadelphia Flyers and the Philadelphia Eagles. As you can see, there was a dramatic variance in the overall amount of electrolytes lost (in this case sodium) from one athlete to another. Measured in milligrams per hour, there was over a 100-fold difference in electrolytes lost between athletes tested in our research.


From athlete to athlete, individual electrolyte loss varies much more than fluid loss. As electrolyte depletion begins, there can be a gradual and subtle loss of performance. As electrolyte depletion becomes more extreme, debilitating muscle cramps can suddenly set in. For every athlete, the point at which performance is impaired or muscle cramps start is different. Guesswork is not the answer for maintaining your electrolyte balance. One-size-fits-all electrolyte solutions are not the key to your peak performance.
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