Does My Sweat Profile Change? How Often Should I Test?

/Does My Sweat Profile Change? How Often Should I Test?

Year over year: If you were tested today, and the same time last year…our studies indicate your results would be the same. The test is very accurate and allows for precise recommendations of your customized electrolyte replenishment solution. However, if your diet, weight, medications or level of activity change dramatically, this could affect your sweat composition. We recommend re-testing annually to ensure accurate recommendations of LEVELEN products.

Season to season: As the weather warms and cools, your body “acclimates” to new temperatures and humidity changes. In cooler weather, you typically sweat less with a higher concentration of electrolytes lost. In warmer weather, you tend to sweat more with a lower concentration of electrolytes. If you are a multi-season or multi-sport athlete, it is a good idea to perform several sweat tests per year to ensure you are replenishing the correct amount of electrolytes, based on the sport and/or weather conditions. For the serious athlete, this “fine tuning” dials in your hydration specifically to a workout, providing you with that extra edge.

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