What is a Simulated Sweat Test? How Does LEVELEN’s Test Differ?

/What is a Simulated Sweat Test? How Does LEVELEN’s Test Differ?

Stimulated sweat tests are static tests that are medically approved for detecting Cystic Fibrosis. The problem with this method, in terms of athletic performance, is that the sweat composition generated by an artificial stimulus differs greatly from a true sample taken during physical activity. Eccrine sweat glands are stimulated when the body is hot (physical activity), and sweat produced by eccrine glands will have different electrolyte levels from aprocrine glands. Numerous studies have shown that this stimulated method results in elevated levels of electrolyte concentration, and not representative of true thermal sweating. These studies also measure chloride concentrations, and then estimate sodium and overall electrolyte levels.

We analyze each electrolyte independently, for a more accurate measure, rather than estimating anything. Even though Chloride and Sodium levels tend to correlate, we have seen many instances when the two differ greatly on our scale. This would result in grossly incorrect measurements from the stimulated sweat test.

We recommend you test in an environment similar to your normal training/competition conditions. We then customize your hydration & electrolyte replenishment program to address this authentic specific sweat profile, and not one from stimulated sweat.

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