Why Should I Get A Sweat Test?

/Why Should I Get A Sweat Test?

Based on over 15 years of research, and data on thousands of athletes across numerous sports, athletes simply don’t sweat the same. General hydration guidelines are just that, general, and aren’t useful for helping the athlete determine their unique fluid and electrolyte needs. Your Sweat Profile is uniquely yours, and could differ dramatically from another (over a hundred fold), even if they have a similar diet, body type, size, etc. There are no metrics that can accurately predict what your hydration needs are, which is why a Sweat Test is so essential for those seeking to optimize their performance and minimize heat-related illnesses like heat exhaustion, hyponatremia, and muscle cramping.

Our Testing Kit is self-administered, and provides us enough information to determine your unique hydration and electrolyte needs, down to the milligram.

Buy an Individual Sweat Test, and take your performance to the next LEVEL.