Why Do I Need to Weigh Myself?

/Why Do I Need to Weigh Myself?

Sweat Rate. In order for us to get an accurate measurement of your sweat volume, it is important to weigh yourself both before and after the duration of your workout. Since sweat can be absorbed in your clothing, you should weigh yourself with minimal/no clothing. For the post-workout weight, please wipe off any sweat before weighing out. Your workout should ideally last for an hour.

The difference in your weight before & after your workout is the total amount of fluid lost in your sweat when you exercise. When you’re training or competing, you need to replenish those fluids. More importantly, what you drink must replenish the electrolytes lost to maintain peak performance and endurance. That is why we test for BOTH sweat volume & electrolytes lost as part of the Levelen ERS™.

For athletes that train & compete in various conditions, we recommend they keep a training log with the following information:

  1. Pre-weight
  2. Workout Duration
  3. Post-weight
  4. Amount of fluids consumed
  5. Workout Conditions (Temperature & Humidity)

This will allow us to determine your sweat rate for a given race condition.

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