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I began working with the LEVELEN team to get a more detailed understanding of the concentration of electrolytes in my sweat during exercise. While it’s simple to determine your fluid loss, it’s not simple to know the concentration of the sweat and what the actual replenishment needs are. The sweat test kit is very simple and straight forward, and the results were clear.

I had some follow-up questions, and LEVELEN was quick to reply and answer everything. It’s clear that the LEVELEN team is all about the science and fine-tuned needs of athletes when it comes to electrolyte replenishment; ultimately, making recovery better and thus, the next day’s workout better. I’ve been using LEVELEN Level 4 Neutral, and appreciate a product that is not overly sweet and is easy to consume and process.

– Brady DeHoust


  • 24 x IRONMAN Finisher
  • 8 x IRONMAN World Championship (KONA) Qualifier
Brady DeHoust

24x IRONMAN, 8x KONA Qualifier