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Since I started using LEVELEN 3 electrolyte hydration before my workouts, I have seen a big difference in my energy level and my performance during workouts. Unfortunately, working in the industry I work in, drinking the amount of water I need is not always easy but with adding LEVELEN to my water before I work out has been key to my performance. It is not something I find I need every single day, but definitely with the hot weather coming I have found myself using it more and more. I would recommend everyone get their sweat tested, see how their body sweats, and see if LEVELEN can help improve your training.

  • 2014 Beast of the East- Team FitAid first place
  • 2015 East Regional Qualifier-19th place finish
  • 2015 Granite Games Team Fitletes- 13th place finish
  • 2016 East Coast Championships Qualifier
  • 2016 East Regional Qualifier

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Marisa Hardy

Elite CrossFit Athlete, '16 Regional Qualifier