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LEVELEN is a recent addition to my necessity list. The only thing that rivals the importance of my workouts, is how I RECOVER from those workouts. Hydration is my primary focus when recovering. Subsequently, so is my LEVELEN Electrolyte powder.

Your body can’t utilize or retain water if you don’t consume electrolytes. I’ve found that most electrolyte powders are better for hydration than just drinking water by itself.  That being said, most electrolyte powders taste awful. I found that I could hardly choke some down.  Replenishing my electrolyte intake requires a lot of unnecessary energy when it tastes unpleasant. If I have a hard time drinking it, I will end up not drinking it at all. LEVELEN [Strawberry Citrus] tastes delicious. If it’s a pleasure to drink, its far more likely to be utilized.

Besides the fact that it tastes good, I’ve experienced a noticeable difference in the fluidity of my workouts. If I can’t retain enough water in my body to last me through a 3-5 hour workout, parts of my body will start cramping or growing stiff. I need the second half of my workout to be as good as the first. Hydration is the key to making sure this happens.

Since, I’ve started using LEVELEN, its become a daily essential. I drink approximately 2 liters of it every day and I plan to keep it as a daily part of my training regimen until the [Rio 2016] Olympics this summer!

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Fawn Dorr

400m Hurdler – Canada, Penn State