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[In 2005], a lady named Sandy (Dr. Sandra Fowkes Godek) came to me after it was recommend that I get help with cramping problems I was having when trying to perform on the field. I had tried everything, and I hydrated as much as I could, but nothing worked. Sandy sweat tested me and recommended LEVELEN Level 5, which I started to take before my practices and games. This is the best part, my cramps were immediately gone. Being a (11) year veteran, I take my job very seriously. I want be at peak performance when competing. I’m a big believer in LEVELEN, and I recommend it to anybody who has problems with muscle cramping. That’s why I joined the #TeamLEVELEN in hopes to help other athletes reach peak performance.

  • 12-Year Pro Football Veteran
  • 2x Pro Bowl Defensive End
  • 2x 2nd-Team All Pro
  • 1x 1st-Team All Pro
  • 2x 1st-Team All-Conference USA

Trent prefers: LEVELEN Level 5 – Strawberry Citrus / Lemon Lime


Trent Cole
Trent Cole

Former Football All-Pro