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Before LEVELEN: I’ve never had a problem with cramping, I’ve just been wrecked during and after my runs (even though I still am somehow able to perform in the upper 50% range).  I’m at a point that I’m scared to run the long distances right now for fear of getting sick again.

Erin Vancellette - Ultra-Distance Runner

After LEVELEN: 2016 was a great year for helping me identify the types of races that I really love: hard, technical, high altitude, beautiful locations.  I ran some crazy vertical ranging in distances from 18k-100k in Northern California, Hawaii (Kona), Colorado Springs and Tahoe/Truckee.  Earlier in the year I had thought I fine-tuned my nutrition.  My metabolism was working great and I shed a few pounds which sped me up on the trails. My race day nutrition was a bit of an anomaly, though. And, my post-race day nutrition was totally screwed up.  Tough races meant tough recovery and for someone with Crohn’s Disease, I felt the burden of all that pushing. In November, I was hospitalized for 5 days, totally run down and in pain.  My mind pushed my body past where it was able to recover easily from.

So, this year [2017], I hunted for a solution to manage my calories (fuel) pre and post-race. Searching for a sweat test to determine what I was losing during my training and racing brought me to LEVELEN.  I ordered the kit and sat on it for months because I wasn’t sure how to use it given that all of my races are in different places, at different temperatures – the variety meant I didn’t have a consistent baseline.

I reached out to LEVELEN and Livingston replied quickly to ease my concerns and I used the test the next day. (side note – Their customer service has been incredible). Since introducing LEVELEN on my training runs and races, I am recovering SO much quicker and SO much safer!!  I’ve been fortunate to place 2nd in my 35k training run and 1st in my 50k run this year thanks to awesome recovery and race day nutrition that works. I feel AWESOME!!  Thanks, Livingston and Dr. Godek!

– Erin K. Vancellette, M.S.
Owner, Strength & Conditioning Coach
The Integrated Movement Condition

Erin uses: LEVELEN Level 4 – Lemon Lime

Recent Accomplishments:

  • Knickerbocker Canyon 35k Trail Run, 2nd place female
  • Mt Diablo 50k Trail Ultra Marathon, 1st place female
  • Jemez 50 Mile Ultra Marathon, 2nd AG, 8th overall female
  • Broken Arrow Skyrace, 52k Ultra Marathon, 1st AG
  • The North Face 50 Mile Ultra Marathon
  • Castle Peak 100k, 9th place female
  • Pikes Peak 50 Mile Ultramarathon, 3rd place female
  • Salt Point 50k Ultra Marathon, 3rd place female
Erin Vancellette - Ultra-Distance Runner
Erin Vancellette

Ultra-Distance Runner, S&C Coach