Trent Cole

[In 2005], a lady named Sandy (Dr. Sandra Fowkes Godek) came to me after it was recommend that I get help with cramping problems I was having when trying to perform on the field. I had tried everything,

Trent Cole

Former Football All-Pro

This past weekend I played in a charity tournament at my local rink. 6 games in 4 days was a tall order, but the Levelen I had kept me hydrated and never at a loss for energy.

Joey Basile

Hockey Player, Goalie

Two years ago after playing two ice hockey games and one indoor lacrosse game all in the same day, I was hospitalized due to severe dehydration.  My legs cramped up so bad that I was unable to walk,

Kyle Peters

Team Comcast 16U, Captain

Two years ago during training camp, I met Mrs. Sandy (Dr. Sandy Fowkes-Godek). She told me they were testing players that lost large amounts of weight during practice. So I was an obvious choice for her study.

Darryl Tapp

Defensive End