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Since my days in lower school Phys Ed, I have always been a very heavy sweater and thus prone to dehydration and electrolyte depletion. As my sports career progressed, I soon found myself bonking towards the end of long workouts and feeling fatigued for hours after a hard bout in the heat.
My experiences with dehydration culminated at a race I had in 2016 when I ended up in the emergency room due to dehydration.  After this uncomfortable experience, I realized that it was time to reconsider my nutrition and hydration.  That is when I discovered LEVELEN.
The sweat test that LEVELEN provided was easy to use and in just over a week, I had my results via e-mail.  The comprehensive tables of electrolyte and sweat loss confirmed my suspicions, I has a heavy, salty sweater! I was instructed to drink LEVELEN Level 5 (their highest electrolyte-rich solution) during my training sessions and races.
Because the LEVELEN electrolyte blend is custom to my needs, I do not have any stomach issues (as I had with other electrolyte drinks) and since I started taking it, I haven’t had any dehydration problems to speak of.  I find myself recovering faster when I drink LEVELEN during training and end my workouts with far greater energy.
Thank you LEVELEN for all your support over the years. I am very excited to see what the future holds!

Malcolm Davis

– Malcolm Davis, Collegiate Triathlete


Malcolm fuels with: LEVELEN Level 5 – Strawberry Citrus

Recent accomplishments for Malcolm Davis:

  • Bearathlon 2020 overall- 5th place
  • Tritonman EDR collegiate division 2020 – 5th place
  • Lavaman 2017 – 1st AG, 8th overall
  • Age Group World Championships in Rotterdam, Netherlands ’17, 8th place
  • Lavaman 2016 – 1st AG,  19th overall
  • Age Group National Championship 2016, 14th
  • Founder and President of Hawaii Preparatory Academy Triathlon Club
Malcolm Davis
Malcolm Davis

Collegiate Triathlete