LEVELEN’s PATENTED* Electrolyte Replenishment System (ERS™) is the ONLY integrated solution of sweat testing and electrolyte replenishment products, customized to an individual’s needs.

All of our products are science-based and validated at the elite professional and collegiate levels to insure the highest quality hydration products and services. Because everyone is different, we work with each athlete individually, to customize and optimize one’s hydration strategies.

Dialing in your hydration no longer requires trial-and-error and guessing.

Trust your hydration to us, and finally
take your performance to the next

* U.S. Patent No. US 9,421,226 B2 – Exercise Physiology Electrolyte Management

LEVELEN Athlete Sweat Test

Train Like A Pro: Just like elite professional & collegiate teams and athletes, you can now get the same personalized hydration support. We determine your unique sweat profile (sweat rate & electrolyte loss), and prescribe your hourly fluid & electrolyte needs.


LEVELEN™ Electrolyte Drink Mix

The ONLY hydration and electrolyte solution that is  formulated to your specific needs. Each formulation has the optimal carbohydrate concentration for absorption and retention of electrolytes.

LEVELEN is the ultimate in hydration sports science and custom electrolyte replenishment, backed by over 10 years of clinical research with professional & collegiate sports teams, and validated by thousands of athletes.

LEVELEN is clinically proven and validated at the Pro level to:

  • Prevent and treat fluid and electrolyte imbalances
  • Eliminate exercise-associated muscle cramping (EAMC)
  • Minimize heat-exhaustion and other heat-related illnesses
  • Prevent hyponatremia (EAH)

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