Why Do I Need to Weigh Myself?

Sweat Rate. In order for us to get an accurate measurement of your sweat volume, it is important to weigh yourself both before and after the duration of your workout. Since sweat can be absorbed in your clothing, you should weigh yourself with minimal/no clothing. For the post-workout weight, please wipe off any sweat before weighing out. Your workout should ideally last for an hour.

The difference in your weight before & after your workout is the total amount of fluid lost in your sweat when you exercise.

Why Do I Measure How Much I Drink?

Sweat Rate. In order for us to get an accurate measurement of your sweat volume, we need to determine how much you consume during your workout. The amount of fluid you consume will affect your post-workout weight.

During the test, if possible, we recommend not drinking any fluids. This allows us to attain the most accurate reading of your sweat rate/volume.  We recognize that hydration may make you more comfortable during your workout,

How Do I Calculate My Sweat Rate?

To calculate your sweat loss per hour:

((Pre-Weight) – (Post-Weight) + (Fluids Consumed)) ÷ (Duration of Workout)


((73 kg) – (72 kg) + (0.5 liters)) ÷ (1 hour) = 1.5 liters per hour = Sweat Rate

Weights should be in kilograms, volume in liters, time in hours.

Since your sweat rate will vary based on conditions and acclimation, we recommend that endurance athletes, and other athletes that train &

How Long Do I Wear the Sweat Patch?

The Sweat Patch is used to collect a sample of your sweat, so we can analyze and determine the concentrations of various electrolytes in your sweat.

We highly recommend that you keep the patch on for at least 30 minutes, and up to a full hour. You should work out continuously the entire time.

Your test should be conducted in similar conditions as your usual workout (e.g., level of intensity, indoors vs. ourdoors). We recognize this may require you to wear the patch longer,

How do I use LEVELEN? Using Your Individual Sweat Profile

Once you complete your LEVELEN™ Sweat Test, you will receive an e-mail with your detailed Individual Sweat Profile and Dashboard.

Your Recommended Fluid & Electrolyte Replenishment Program will be based on your Individual Sweat Profile, the Duration of your workout/competition, and your specific Sport/Activity.


Reading your Individual Sweat Profile

Your Individual Sweat Profile (e-mail) will include:

  • Sweat Rate (volume of sweat per hour)
  • Na+ Sodium Sweat Concentration
  • Na+ Sodium Loss per hour
  • K+ Potassium Sweat Concentration
  • Cl- Chloride Sweat Concentration
  • Cl- Chloride Loss per hour

Your Individual Dashboard (pdf) will include:

  • Sweat Rate (volume of sweat per hour)
  • Recommended Fluid Intake
  • Rate of Fluid &

What Is In the LEVELEN Formulation?

LEVELEN™ Electrolyte Drink Mix is custom formulated with the right amount of electrolytes based on your specific needs, as determined by your Individual Sweat Test. The formulation includes healthy, all natural ingredients found through over 15 years of research to be valuable in enhancing performance, preventing muscle cramps, aiding recovery, and avoiding heat-related issues.

The most rapidly depleted electrolyte is sodium (Na+), and sodium loss is the primary electrolyte that we assess in our sweat testing. Chloride (Cl-) is lost at a highly predictable rate based on sodium loss.

Why Doesn’t LEVELEN have Potassium?

Backed by over 15 years of clinical research with professional & collegiate sports teams, and data on over 2,500 athletes, we have found that the body is very efficient at regulating Potassium levels. Potassium is naturally released in your system during exercise. Contrary to popular belief,

Potassium deficiency does NOT lead to muscle cramping.

Even though we lose Potassium in our sweat, our body is naturally able to keep Potassium levels balanced, without supplementation.  

Do I Need to Be Concerned About Consuming High Amounts of Salt?

Competitive athletes can lose excessive amounts of salt, but it is highly individualized. Knowing exactly what you lose is the key to successful replenishment and optimal performance. The LEVELEN ERS™ is designed to address your specific needs, so high salt intake should not be an issue. The goal is to replenish what you lose, rather than take on unnecessary sodium and other electrolytes. Without determining your specific electrolyte needs through a LEVELEN ERSTM Sweat Test, electrolyte replenishment remains a trial-and-error guessing game.

Can I Still Eat Salty Food When Using LEVELEN™?

In most cases, you should maintain your normal diet. Remember, the goal is to use LEVELEN™ immediately before and during training & competition to replenish electrolytes that you lose. So, at all other times when not training or competiting, you should maintain your normal, healthy diet.

There are some individuals whose test results will reveal the need for more extreme electrolyte supplementation, and for those, we will recommend increasing salt intake in their diet, in combination with using LEVELENTM Custom Electrolyte Mix during training/competition.