Getting sweat tested by LEVELEN™ has been critical for me to keep getting faster.  Over the past 5 years, my needs have changed and through a recent Sweat Test in Kona, we were able to tweak my fuel plan to best my 2009 time by 40 minutes and pick off all but one of the ladies in front of me.

Sharon Schmidt-Mongrain

Ironman All-World, USAT All-American Rank #1

Malcolm Davis
Since my days in lower school Phys Ed, I have always been a very heavy sweater and thus prone to dehydration and electrolyte depletion. As my sports career progressed, I soon found myself bonking towards the end of long workouts and feeling fatigued for hours after a hard bout in the heat.

Malcolm Davis

Collegiate Triathlete

In my first half Ironman triathlon in Miami, Florida I experienced extreme cramps in both legs during the run portion of the race and ultimately struggled to finish. After the race I immediately headed to the medical tent seeking any sort of remedy for the severe pain I was experiencing.  

Patrick Redner

Team LEVELEN Triathlete

Erin Vancellette - Ultra-Distance Runner

Before LEVELEN: I’ve never had a problem with cramping, I’ve just been wrecked during and after my runs (even though I still am somehow able to perform in the upper 50% range).  

Erin Vancellette

Ultra-Distance Runner, S&C Coach

Max McAllister, Leadville Trail 100

I participate in long distance mountain bike races, and always had muscle cramps around the 4-hour mark. After dialing in my hydration with a LEVELEN Sweat Test, I no longer suffer from muscle cramps. 

LEVELEN is a recent addition to my necessity list. The only thing that rivals the importance of my workouts, is how I RECOVER from those workouts. Hydration is my primary focus when recovering.

Fawn Dorr

400m Hurdler – Canada, Penn State

Since I started using LEVELEN 3 electrolyte hydration before my workouts, I have seen a big difference in my energy level and my performance during workouts. Unfortunately, working in the industry I work in,

Marisa Hardy

Elite CrossFit Athlete, '16 Regional Qualifier

I began working with the LEVELEN team to get a more detailed understanding of the concentration of electrolytes in my sweat during exercise. While it’s simple to determine your fluid loss, it’s not simple to know the concentration of the sweat and what the actual replenishment needs are.

Brady DeHoust

24x IRONMAN, 8x KONA Qualifier

I had an outstanding performance using LEVELEN 4 during during the Amica Marathon this past weekend!!! I recently incorporated Levelen 4 into my long distance training plan and the results have been great!!!

Brad Semle

IM triathlete, '11 KONA Finisher